Free Lease Agreement Template (PDF, EXCEL WORD)

A lease is basically a contract which outlines the terms and conditions in which two parties agree with each other where one has to rent any property which is owned by the second party. It is a type of guarantee by lesse which is also referred as tenant or tenant lease agreement, some of the terms and conditions signed by both parties like as for the use of assets regular payments for the lease on specific time that can be on the basis of month or year and if any party fails in following the conditions then they can face consequences let us talk more about the lease.

Leases are basically legal and bound documents with some terms for rental agreements specially in the field of real estate. Let us have an example of it, when the landlord is going to rent his room, flat or apartment then in the agreement he will mention rent amount on monthly basis, due date for each month, if the lesse will not pay rent on time then what will happen, the security deposit set by the landlord, duration of lease, number or people allowed to live at that place or any other further important information. So it is clear that lease agreement is a contract which is done in between of lessor and lessee who is allowed to use the property which is owned by a particular person for a mentioned duration of time.

This lease agreement won’t mean that the lesse has an ownership right over the property and during this period if less is does anything wrong with the property then he will be responsible for the condition of it. Apart from the residential lease agreement there are also lease agreement for different type of properties like as of car lease agreement, truck lease agreement, room lease agreement, owner-operator lease agreement, master lease agreement, roommates lease agreement. There are various types of tenancy let us come to know about them :

Fixed Term Tenancy

This type of tenancy is fixed for a particular time or year, this will have a particular date from beginning to the end date of agreement. As this tenancy is sometimes also known as the tenancy of year but this won’t mean that it will remain for one year this type of tenancy can last for any duration of time even for a week or for months. When the end time comes fixed term tenancy gets completed by its own and will not be valid any more.


Periodic Tenancy

This is the another type of tenancy which is used for a particular duration but it is a little different from the fixed tenancy as it is valid from month to month , week to week or year to year not for any middle duration. If the person wanted to break the tenancy in middle or before the duration gets end then he has to pay the remaining amount or rent till the end date or should give a notice before one month of leaving.


Tenancy at will

This is the third type of tenancy or lease agreement which is known as the tenancy at will in this type of agreement there is no time limit for which the lease agreement gets over either the lesse or lessor any of them can terminate the duration of agreement according to their will or choice. Before leaving a proper notice is needed to be given by both either lesse or lessor and for this lesse will not be accounted for any further rent if all past dues are clear.


Tenancy at sufferance

This is the third type of tenancy and it is also known as the holdover tenancy which is liable when the tenant is still holding property even after the expiration of agreement and till the landlord take action toward it.


So, this was all about different types of tenancy based on the duration of time now we are going to get some templates of the lease agreement and will also be going to learn about different types of agreement on basis of property. Here today we will provide you lease agreement in three different forms which are PDF, word, and Excel we will discuss them later in detail let us come to know about different types of lease agreement templates.


1 . Residential Lease Agreement Template

This is one of the most common types of lease agreement which is used most widely and in general it is also known as the rent agreement. When any person come to live on rent in any house, apartment or flat then at that situation the residential lease agreement is signed up by both landlord and the lessor in which they mutually agree over some terms and conditions.

Residential Lease Agreement Template

It is also one of the very important agreement when any landlord is wishing to rent their property it won’t mean that whom you are renting your property either friend, family or unknown you should have a rental agreement. In which the date of renting property, fixed rent amount of per month and the security deposit is needed to be mentioned.

2. Commercial Lease Agreement

Commercial lease agreement is also a type of agreement which is mostly conducted when you are wishing to rent any property for the business or commercial purpose in such condition it becomes mandatory to sign commercial lease agreement as this agreement give right to the person who is going to take that property on rent for using it as the business property or for the commercial use. Commercial lease agreements are also of two different types let us have a look at them:

Commercial Lease Agreement

* Gross Lease: In this type of commercial lease agreement the tenant will only be responsible for paying rent not for any kind of damage to the property and all of the payments which are related to the property will be completed by landlord itself.


* Net Lease: This is the another type of commercial lease agreement in which the tenant is not only responsible for the payment of rent either he is also liable to pay property tax, property maintenance charge, property insurance etc.


3. Free Lease Agreement Template

As we have also come to know about lease agreement earlier similarly a lease agreement is basically nothing it is just a sheet of paper which has some terms and conditions on which both parties agree one who is going to rent property and the other who is taking property on rent and if any of them do not follow the mention terms and condition of this lease agreement then he or she will be liable to the offence and can even be punished for this so it becomes important to have this agreement and sign it by both parties for future reference.

Free Lease Agreement Template

So, for your convenience we are here providing you a sample template of lease agreement which is very helpful for you and this will also save lots of your time, another thing is that you are not needed to pay any kind of charges for getting this template so it is completely free of cost.

4 . Sample Printable Lease Agreement

This is another kind of template which is available and mostly used by everyone. Although this is also a same lease agreement as of others in which the terms and conditions are completely same the only difference is you can easily have the print of this lease agreement what you all have to do is simply download the below-provided sample of lease agreement and then have a print of it you can easily use this agreement anywhere after being attested even for the legal purposes too you only have to make it attested from the notary.

Sample Printable Lease Agreement

So, this will save lots of your time and you will also not needed to pay any kind of charges for having this agreement.

5. Standard lease agreement PDF

Standard lease agreement is one of the agreements which is available for all purposes but it is mostly used in the case of residential renting so, this type of agreement will give you a brief idea about some basic terms and conditions of lease agreement and how it looks or what are the important points which are needed to be mentioned in a typical lease agreement. So, we are providing you this agreement in the PDF form as this is one of the best forms because no one can make any type of editing with this format and your agreement will remain safe from any kind of intentional or unintentional editing. You will be going to get this PDF form of standard lease agreement completely free of cost.

Standard lease agreement PDF

6. Simple one-page Lease Agreement

As till now we have come to know that it is a type of legal document which is necessary to be signed before giving your property on lease to anyone so therefore we have provided lots of different types of templates of lease agreement as there are various terms and conditions within it which are needed to be followed by both parties, therefore, it becomes elongated and vast therefore we are providing you a simple one page lease agreement in which you will get all of your needed or required details in short instead of having them in details.

7. Lease Agreement Template Word

We all are very well aware of the word format as this format allows you to make changes by your own. If you feel that any kind of editing is required or else you wanted to mention some of your own terms and conditions or points in front of lessee then you can simply use this type of format for the lease agreement template as you are able to edit anything within it according to your own choice or if you wanted to remove any unwanted point then you can also do so with help of this format.

Lease Agreement Template Word

8. Free Basic Lease Agreement Template

A general lease agreement is sometimes also known as the basic lease agreement because it contains all of the necessary details and important points which are needed to be mentioned in any kind of lease agreement. Here we are going to provide you a basic lease agreement template which can be used by you for different purposes and the best thing is that you are going to get this template completely free of cost you need to spend anything for downloading this template.

Free Basic Lease Agreement Template

9. Florida Lease Agreement

If you are Native of Florida and wishing to rent your property to anyone then it becomes necessary for you to have the lease agreement of Florida, as the lease agreement of Florida is somewhat different then other countries so it is specifically said to use the lease agreement of particular country.

Florida Lease Agreement

The basic terms and conditions remain same but there are some of the different points which are being used in Florida only like as of :

* The landlord has complete right that he can ask for as much as security deposit he wants from the lessee.

* After the completion of all documents and signing lease agreement it is mandatory that the landlord return back the security deposit to the tenant within the fifteen days or in any severe case he can only have the maximum time of 60 days.

* The landlord is needed to give a particular report to the tenant about the property.

* If the landlord wants to visit the property which is to the tenant then he has to give atleast 12-hour notice to the tenant before going there.

10. California Lease Agreement

As we all are aware about this fact that there are some countries which have some special type of lease agreement and only those agreement are valid in such countries so in this term we are here going to provide you the California lease agreement which is specially for the natives of California who are wishing to rent their property or anyone who wanted to have the property on rent.

California Lease Agreement

As in Florida, there are also some distinct rules in California which are needed to be followed by both landlord and tenant these are :

* If the room or apartment which is on rent is unfurnished then the security deposit can be taken lastly up to the two-month rent or if the apartment is fully furnished then the security rent can be taken for three months.

* After the termination of Lease Agreement it is mandatory for the landlord to return all amount within 21 days after termination.

* If the landlord is going to visit his property for a purpose of inspection or in the non emergency cases it is important to give at least 24-hour notice before entering to the property.

11. Texas Lease Agreement

Texas lease agreement is also a good one which is being used for the same, therefore we are here providing you the template of texas lease agreement the only thing about which you should be aware is :

* The lessor can demand as much as security money he wants there is no limit over that.

* The lessor is bound to return all security deposit within the month of termination for the agreement.

* There is no need of providing any previous information by lesser before entering to the property.

Texas Lease Agreement

12. New York Residential Lease Agreement

As we know that there are some countries which are having different type of lease agreements which are particular to the country, therefore today here we are going to provide you the template of lease agreement for new york.

New York Residential Lease Agreement

13. Virginia Lease Agreement

This is another lease agreement for the Virginia people, if you are the native of Virginia then you can easily have this lease agreement. Below is the template of Virginia lease agreement you can easily download it make it for your own use.

Virginia Lease Agreement

14. Georgia Lease Agreement

Georgia is a well-known country with its own rules and also has the separate lease agreement for the people of Georgia, therefore, we are here going to provide you the free template of Georgia lease agreement.


15. Month to Month Lease Agreement

This is also a type of lease agreement which has a perfect duration from which it starts or gets the end. In this type of agreement your agreement will start from a particular date of the month and then it gets ended over the particular date of next month just exactly after a month gets completed.

Month to Month Lease Agreement

16. Free Blank Lease Agreement Template

This type of template is blank and there you can easily edit or enter data by your own according to the requirements. So, here we are going to provide you the template of blank lease agreement which is absolutely free of cost.

Free Blank Lease Agreement Template

17. Printable Lease Agreement

About this agreement, we have also discussed earlier, therefore, we are here going to provide you the template of printable lease agreement you can simply download it and later have the print of this agreement for your offline use.

Printable Lease Agreement